Meditation Practice and Yoga Vedanta Philosophy - with Jeenal Mehta

Through this workshop you will learn how to support and transform your mental state in daily life. Jeenal will be holding a workshop for teachers, healers, therapists or students who are looking for a deeper understanding of yoga & vedantic philosophy. Jeenal will share the beautiful teachings of the great saints and sages of India.

It is a unique opportunity to meet Jeenal who studied and learned from her Gurus Hansaji, Dr. Jayadeva and Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri Maharaj the head monk of the Vedanta lineage from India. Jeenal will stop on her journey through Europe for this two-day’s workshop at Yoga Souls Offenbach.

Jeenal Mehta

Jeenal Mehta

The focus of this workshop will be mind training and development on emotional level rather than asanas.

The two days will cover areas as "Yoga of Action" such as how to keep selfcare, expansion of love and compassion, handling relationships with family and work life balance along with meditation techniques.

The content of the workshop will further be adapted according to the needs of the group.

Learn about traditional Yoga and gather firsthand experience - for all levels of experience.

The workshop will be hold in English. There will be one evening lecture on Friday followed by two workshop days which comprises 4,5 hours each incl. a healthy lunch.


FEES: 160,- EUR for both days / You can also participate on one day only for 90,- EUR.

For students and seniors 70,- EUR / day. The evening lecture fee is 40,- EUR.

The certification can only be done after the successful participation at both workshop days.

PLACE: Yoga Souls Offenbach, Bernardstr. 5

Please register soon due to limited spots.


// ABOUT // Jeenal is Director of the Wise Living Yoga Academy in Thailand and a disciple of Swamiji. Born in a traditional Indian family, she studied Indian Classical Yoga with her Gurus Hansaji, Dr. Jayadeva at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai and Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri Maharaj the head monk of the Vedanta lineage, India. She is admired and revered by her students around the world for her effective and practical teachings on life.

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