WORKSHOP - Cultivating Will power through creative Movement

Leila and Loredana will take you on a journey of self exploration and connection with the universe, open your body to the forces of nature, and connect with the elements of nature: air, fire, water and earth. You will get deeper understanding about the mental resources within you by creating more space for cultivating, and developing strength, confidence, and will power while at the same time feeling  compassion and kindness. 

This workshop also brings the foundation of the Chakras, the central forces of the body, to open and energy flow and connect you with the alignment. Deeply rooted in traditional Yoga and Afro-Brazilian traditions we will take you on a journey to explore yourself, bringing you joy and authentic movement in seamless flow. The music is a mixture of Afro-Brazilian, afro-jazz, contemporary.


For this workshop there are NO experience required.

Saturday, 3rd February 2018 // 11 am - 14 pm

45€ (3 hours incl. tea and snack)

Registration deadline: 30th January

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ABOUT // Leila El Krekshi comes from a multicultural background with both Finnish Libyan origins. A true nomad, Leila has lived and worked in a number of countries spanning Europe and Africa, and North America before establishing herself with Orenda in Menorca. Orenda is a boutique company specialized in organizing holistic retreats and wellness workshops.

She Leila worked in various countries i.e. Libya, Tunisia, Sweden, Denmark and Tanzania in the private sector and international cooperation, where she covered political issues, human rights, responsible business and private sector development.

Leila has practiced meditation yoga, dance and capoeira most of her life. The integration of yoga, capoeira and dance in Leila's life and her cultural diversity, is a continuous process of self discovery, creativity, and transformation, connecting the movement, and the soul, with the universe. To fine tune her passion she completed her yoga teacher training  in Classical Yoga with Wiseliving Yoga Academy in Thailand, which is affiliated to The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India- World’s Oldest Organized Yoga Institution.

Her strong motivation to bring positive change, and share knowledge with others is what ultimately led her to shifting her path by dedicating herself to Orenda, where she can bring her vision to the world. 

Leila is also a qualified Thai Massage Therapist from the Thai Massage Chiang Mai school in Thailand (TMC) and speaks English, Arabic, Finnish, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and basic level of Swedish and Kiswahili.


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ABOUT // Loredana was born in Germany and picked up yoga in her 20s due to her health issues. She regularly returned to study with different teachers and nourished her curiosity.

Later she has had the great opportunity to start her yoga teacher certification in classical yoga with her teachers Jeenal Mehta and Daniel Fonseca. Both certified by The Yoga Institute, Mumbai which is the world's oldest Yoga organization.

She is deeply inspired by the long term guidance of her beloved teachers who combine the eastern and western approaches to the body-mind union. In her 30s she completed her second teacher certification and got introduced to Ayurveda and its common health practices.

She deepened her studies and opened a centre in Offenbach in 2015. The centre educates in a holistic approach for total health and creates besides a Yoga community also a place where people can interconnect through music, sharing and sustainability events and workshops.

Loredana aims through her teaching to help students to develop a more refined consciousness of their body and breath as tools for transformation. With a focus on rediscovering intrinsic equilibrium, the body’s natural state of balance, the class tends to move through a deep, intense and graceful progression of postures.

We explore the principles of alignment and initiation, in order to encourage a physical and energetic environment beneficial to the cultivation of a compassionate practice. Each class is adapted to the specific needs of the students present. Loredana relishes curiosity and a sense of humor. She believes in living an intentional life, stepping outside of what is comfortable and following her heart.